Chinese Music Camp

Chinese Music Summer In Class Program

Co-presented by Yip's Canada & Canadian Chinese Orchestra

If your child wants to explore Chinese music and being rhythmic at the same time,
this Chinese Music Summer Program is perfect for your child!

We will be making some noises together with the Chinese traditional instruments (Erhu, Guzheng,
Zhongruan and Flower Pot Drum). It will be both fun to learn about Chinese culture through music and set
a good musicianship foundation for your child's music learning journey.

Most of the classes will be conducted outdoor in the shade.

Instruments will be assigned and won't be shared among students.

Program will also include Practice Session, Ensemble, Chinese Music Theory, Culture and Painting.

Class / Fee Schedule:





Students per class:

Term 3 - August 3rd - 13th / $225 (9 days)

Term 4 - August 16th - 27th / $250 (10 days)

AM 9:00 - 12:00 / PM 1:00 - 4:00

Yip's Unionville Campus

6 - 14 years old


"Canadian Chinese Orchesra (CCO)

is formed under the artistic leadership of Amely Zhou, and is a registered non-profit music organization. Chinese Music is rich with Chinese philosophies and aesthetics. CCO seeks to share the love for music by collaborating with different organizations to promote Chinese musical culture and arts. The founder, Ms. Amely Zhou is an expressive and dynamic figure on stage and she pursues a diverse career both as a conductor and an erhu soloist. Zhou graduated in 2015 from York with an Honours B.A. in Music. Currently, Zhou is perusing her Chinese music studies and continuing her graduate studies in Ethnomusicology at York University.


Please fill in the attached form and register early with the office.

For question and registration, please call 905-752-0275 ext. 2100 or email